Q12 Hydrogen Water Bottle: 1,5 L Pure Hydration for Peak Performance


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Q12 Hydrogen Water Bottle: 1,5 L Pure Hydration for Peak Performance

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Elevate Your Athletic Performance with the Q12 Hydrogen Water Bottle: Pure Hydration for Peak Performance

Introducing the Q12 Hydrogen Water Bottle, a game-changer for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and cutting-edge technology, this portable pot goes beyond ordinary hydration, delivering high-concentration hydrogen water designed to fuel your workouts and enhance recovery.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Hydration:

1. Premium Materials, Exceptional Performance:

  • Product Name: Hydrogen-rich portable pot
  • Material: Platinum sheet, food-grade PC, SPE film
  • Capacity: 1500ml
  • Hydrogen Concentration: 1200ppb-2400ppb
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Hydrogen Production Time: 6min
  • Charging Method: USB
  • Net Weight: 260g

2. Tailored for Athletic Excellence:

The Q12 is not just a water bottle; it’s your secret weapon for enhanced athletic performance. With a rapid hydrogen production time of 6 minutes and a concentration ranging from 1200ppb to 2400ppb, it delivers the purest form of H2, free from contaminants.

3. Ideal Hydrogen water bottle for Athletes On the Go:

Designed with athletes in mind, the Q12 is portable, lightweight, and compatible with various water sources, making it the perfect companion for your active lifestyle. Whether you’re at the gym, on the field, or in the office, the Q12 ensures you have access to optimal hydration.

How to Supercharge Your Workouts:

  1. Pour Water: Add your preferred drinking water into the bottle.
  2. Tighten and Invert: Securely tighten the bottle cap and invert the kettle.
  3. Switch On: Activate the switch to kickstart hydrogen production.
  4. Optimal Waiting Time: Allow it to stand for 6-18 minutes. The longer the wait, the higher the hydrogen concentration.

Benefits Tailored for Athletes:

  • Boost Athletic Performance: Elevate your workouts with hydrogen water designed for athletes.
  • Faster Recovery: Support quicker recovery times post-exercise.
  • Hydration On the Go: Convenient and portable, it suits your active lifestyle.

Order Your Q12 Hydrogen Water Bottle Now: Power Your Performance!

Invest in your athletic prowess with the Q12 Hydrogen Water Bottle. Energize your body, elevate your hydration, and experience the purest form of hydrogen water designed for peak athletic performance. Order now and make every sip count towards a stronger, more resilient you!


Product Name: Hydrogen-rich portable pot
Product material: platinum sheet/food grade PC/SPE film
Capacity: 1500ml
Hydrogen concentration: 1200ppb-2400ppb
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Hydrogen production time: 6min
Hydrogen production times: 10 times
Charging method: USB

Precautions for using hydrogen rich water bottles:

1. Before use, test the water first. As the pot body and lower base are separate, water leakage may occur during transportation due to bumps. Unscrew the base, check the rubber pad, and tighten it again.

2. Do not use hot water above 80 degrees Celsius. It is best to rinse twice with water at 50 degrees Celsius to achieve 40 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, if it exceeds 45 degrees Celsius, hydrogen will evaporate immediately.

3.It is recommended to use water containing minerals for the best results. Beverages excluded.

4.Do not approach the ignition source during hydrogen production.

5. The number of hydrogen production times should not be too high (1-2 times is the best) to prevent the pressure from being too high, which may cause the base to leak.

6. When producing hydrogen, when the milky white bubbles dissipate, it should be consumed for about 2 minutes before drinking. The taste is better.

7.When it is found that the bubbles in the water have decreased and there is dirt on the pot body, it can be poured into white vinegar, covered and soaked for more than 2 hours, shaken for another 2 minutes, and washed clean with water.

8.Remember not to burn dry. Otherwise, hydrogen will not be produced. The base is burnt out.

9.When carrying it with you, please tighten the cup cover clockwise to avoid leakage.

10.Do not use volatile agents, gasoline, metal wire balls, or hard objects to clean the product to avoid scratching the pot body.

11.If you forget to drink after electrolysis, you can repeat electrolysis to increase the hydrogen content in the water for better results.

12.When cleaning the bottom, it is necessary to use a soft sponge basket, cloth, or soft brush to wipe it clean and keep the bottom dry.

13.When charging, the green light will flash, and after the charging is completed, the green light will stop flashing. Charging once takes 12 hours, and fully charging can produce about 5-6 pots of hydrogen rich water. Due to objective reasons such as water quality and climate in different regions, the number of cups made and charging time may also vary.

14. The hydrogen production time is 10 minutes at a time. After the hydrogen production is completed, the machine will automatically shut down. The blue light of the button will light up during hydrogen production. To forcibly shut down, press the button.


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